Finding Folk

Thank you for being so generous with your emotions, now I know i'm not the only one feeling these things..

A rocking chair and a banjo set the scene for a young woman’s honest struggle, yet uplifting tale, of overcoming poor mental health through finding Folk and how that changed her life.

Finding Folk is a young Lancashire woman’s honest and encouraging tale of overcoming poor mental health in a family environment. Phoebe Ophelia shares personal stories of how she escaped the downfall of her own mental health through folk dance, music and song.

Phoebe says

This is my story. I am a lass from Lancashire who found an escape through percussive step dance and folk music and how through finding folk I was able to escape the downfall of my parents and my own mental health.

Finding Folk is presented as memories from the past that have made me who I am today.

Although in this performance, the story is heavily based on my own personal family experiences such as dealing with death, meeting true love in a bar and overcoming struggle, it also considers other people’s accounts of similar experiences along the way. I believe this story speaks to us all.